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Lead Member for Resources

This page lists the meetings for Lead Member for Resources.

In light of Government advice related to coronavirus, public committee meetings (including Lead Member meetings) will be held remotely until further notice.

Please contact Democratic Services if any further information is required.

Information about Lead Member for Resources

Lead cabinet members are authorised by Cabinet to make certain decisions within their areas of special responsibility. They make these decisions at Individual Decision Making meetings attended by council officers. Other councillors may also attend.

The terms of reference for this meeting can be found in the Council’s Constitution.

The Lead Member for Resources has responsibility for:

Strategy and Policy for all Corporate Resources matters, and principal service area responsibilities are:

·         Financial Management

·         Property asset management

·         Risk management

·         Procurement

·         Internal audit

·         ICT

·         Personnel and Training

·         Legal

·         Orbis

·         And all ancillary activities