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Sussex Police and Crime Panel

This page lists the meetings for Sussex Police and Crime Panel.

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Information about Sussex Police and Crime Panel

Please note that the Sussex Police and Crime Panel is administered by West Sussex County Council.

Full details of the Panel can be found on the Sussex Police and Crime Panel website.

The Police and Crime Commissioner is accountable to the electorate for how crime is tackled in their area. The website for Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner contains further details about the Commissioner's role and work.

Each police force area also has a Police and Crime Panel, to provide checks and balances in relation to the performance of the Commissioner. Its role is to scrutinise the performance of the Commissioner and to ensure transparency.

The Panel came into being on 1 November 2012 and meet a minimum of 4 times a year.

Its role includes powers to:

·         review the draft Police and Crime Plan and make recommendations to the Commissioner, who must consider them

·         review the Commissioner’s annual report and make recommendations at a public meeting, which the Commissioner must attend

·         deal with complaints about the Commissioner

·         require the Commissioner to attend the Panel to answer questions

·         veto the Commissioner’s proposed precept by a two-thirds majority

·         veto by a two-third’s majority the Commissioner’s proposed candidate for Chief Constable

·         appoint an acting Commissioner where the incumbent Commissioner is incapacitated, resigns or is disqualified.

Meetings of this committee are webcast live.