Agenda item

Procedural Business

(a)   Apologies for Absence:To receive apologies for absence whereCouncillorsareunableto attend ameeting.


(b)   Declarations ofInterest:


(a)   Disclosablepecuniaryinterests;

(b)   Anyotherinterestsrequiredto beregisteredunderthe  local code;

(c)   Any othergeneralinterestasa result of whicha decisiononthe matter  might  reasonably  be  regarded  as  affecting  you  or  a partnermorethana majorityofotherpeopleorbusinessesin theward/saffectedbythedecision.


In eachcase,youneed todeclare

(i)    theitem on theagendatheinterestrelatesto;

(ii)    thenature of theinterest; and

(iii)   whetherit isa disclosablepecuniaryinterestorsome  other interest.


If unsure,Membersshouldseekadvicefromthecommitteelawyer or administrator preferablybeforethemeeting.


(c)   Exclusionof PressandPublic:

To considerwhether,in viewofthe nature of the business to be transacted, or thenature of the proceedings, the press and public should be excluded from the meetingwhen anyofthefollowingitems are under consideration.


NOTE: Anyitemappearingin PartTwo oftheAgendastatesinits headingthecategoryunderwhichtheinformationdisclosed inthereportis exemptfrom disclosureand  therefore  not availableto thepublic.


A listanddescriptionoftheexemptcategoriesis availableforpublic inspection at BrightonandHoveTownHalls.


(a)      Apologies


1.1     Kevin Foster, Chief Operating Officer, East Sussex County Council sent his apologies.


(b)      Declarations of Interest


1.2     There were none.


(c)      Exclusion of Press and Public


1.3     There were no Part Two items on the agenda.