Agenda item

Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources

Report by Chief Executive


43.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Executive together with further information received following publication of the Cabinet agenda including a summary of the consultation meeting held with Trade Unions.

43.2     It was RESOLVED:

       1.  recommend the County Council to:

i)       approve in principle the draft Council Plan at Appendix 1 and authorise the Chief Executive to finalise the Plan in consultation with the relevant Lead Members;

ii)      increase Council Tax by 1.99%;

iii)     increase the Adult Social Care precept by 2%;

iv)    issue precepts to be paid by Borough and District Councils in accordance with the agreed schedule of instalments at Appendix 6;

v)     approve the net Revenue Budget estimate of £403.4m for 2020/21 set out in Appendix 2 (Medium Term Financial Plan) and Appendix 3 (Budget Summary) and authorise the Chief Operating Officer, in consultation with the Chief Finance Officer, Leader and Deputy Leader, to make adjustments to the presentation of the Budget Summary to reflect the final settlement and final budget decisions;

vi)    approve the Capital Strategy and Programme at Appendix 9;

vii)   note the Medium Term Financial Plan forecast for 2020/21 to 2022/23, set out in Appendix 2;

viii)  note the comments of the Chief Finance Officer on budget risks and robustness, as set out in Appendix 7;

ix)    note the comments from engagement exercises set out in Appendix 8; and

x)     note the schedule of fees and charges that have increased above inflation at Appendix 10.


2.     agree that Chief Officers consult, where appropriate, on the savings proposals set out in Appendix 4.



43.3     Prudent planning by the Council has led to the Council being able to make investment in services next year of £6.6m once savings of have been made. Whilst the additional funding by the Government in Social Care is welcome, it does not make up for the amount of funding lost over the last 10 years and neither will it be sufficient to prevent savings needing to be made in other areas in future to fund pressures from the rising demand for and cost of social care. The Council will continue to press the case for East Sussex to receive a fair share of the funding available from Government and for it to urgently address the need for it to put in place sustainable funding for local services, in particular social care.



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