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New Elective Surgery Hub at Eastbourne District General Hospital (EDGH)


34.1     The Committee received a report on the proposals for the development of a new Elective Surgery Hub at Eastbourne District General Hospital (EDGH).

34.2     The Committee welcomed the proposals and the benefits to patients in terms of increased capacity and the reduction in waiting times. The Committee asked how this development fitted in with the New Hospitals Programme and the Building for Our Future programme.

34.3     Charlotte O’Brien outlined that the New Hospitals Programme is a broader programme of new hospital buildings and the development of the Elective Hub complements the New Hospitals Programme. ESHT is currently waiting to hear about the amount of funding that will be allocated under the New Hospitals Programme.

34.4     Tracey Rose, Programme Director Building for Our Future at ESHT added that the new Elective Hub project will not affect the Building for Our Future programme. The new Elective Hub project will replace four of the eight operating theatres at EDGH which are in need of replacement. Currently the Trust is waiting for confirmation of the funding from the New Hospitals Programme that will be spent across all three hospital sites – EDGH, Conquest Hospital in Hastings and Bexhill Hospital. The Trust will be able to update the Committee once more details are available.

34.5     The Committee asked for clarification of whether a new hospital is still an option for Eastbourne.

34.6     Tracey Rose responded that the options under consideration include a new build hospital at Eastbourne, a total refurbishment of the existing EDGH and other options. The option chosen will depend on the amount of funding that is made available. The Building for Our Future programme will also include the refurbishment of the other hospitals at Bexhill and the Conquest in Hastings.

34.7     Some Committee members asked why EDGH was chosen for the Elective Hub rather that the Conquest Hospital, and what the ambitions were for the Conquest Hospital site.

34.8     Charlotte O’Brien responded that the New Hospital Programme funding will provide new facilities across all three sites. Tracey Rose added that the plans for the Conquest include an expanded Intensive Care Unit and new wards. Works will also include providing a new roof and new buildings on the Conquest site. The EDGH was chosen for the new Elective Hub as there was physical estate to enable this and because the eight main operating theatres needed to be replaced.  The new Elective hub provided an opportunity to replace four of the operating theatres, which had an extensive backlog of maintenance work. The operating theatres at the Conquest have already been refurbished. It was clarified that the operating theatres at the Conquest are not as old as the ones at EDGH and do not need replacing.

34.9     The Committee asked what the impact of the proposals will be on the Uckfield day surgery unit, will staff will have to move, and what are the plans for the released capacity.

34.10   Charlotte O’Brien outlined that although 29% of activity at Uckfield will be dealt with by the new elective Hub, this represents a relatively small number of cases. The Trust is working with system partners across NHS Sussex to make sure the released capacity is fully used. Some staff will move to the EDGH Elective Hub to support the unit and there will be discussions with staff around where they want to work in future. Claudia Griffith added that when looking at waiting lists across Sussex there is more than enough activity to ensure the facilities at Uckfield are retained.

34.11   The Committee asked how many staff will be required to run the new Elective Hub.

34.12   Charlotte O’Brien responded that the full workforce plan will mean a small increase in staff and the Trust will look to start recruitment over the coming months. Recruiting the workforce will be a challenge but the Elective Hub will be a state of the art facility which may attract staff. Tracey Rose added that there will be an additional 43.65 whole time equivalent staff across all staffing groups at the Elective Hub. New and innovative roles will be created to attract staff with recruitment starting shortly.

34.13   The Committee asked if consultations and post operative care will continue to be provided at local hospitals.

34.14   Charlotte O’Brien confirmed that there will not be a change in any other services and outpatient appointments will remain at the local hospitals.

34.15   Cllr Turner asked if ESHT directly employs vascular surgeons.

34.16   Claudia Griffith responded that NHS Sussex will come back to Cllr Turner and provide an answer to his question after the meeting.

34.17   The Chair summarised the Committee’s view that the proposals were a good thing for patients and did not constitute a substantial variation to services.

34.18   The Committee RESOLVED to:

1) agree that the service change proposals set out in Appendix 1 do not constitute a substantial variation to health service provision in East Sussex requiring statutory consultation with HOSC; and

2) receive an update report on the development of the new Elective Hub at an appropriate time.



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