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East Sussex Shared Delivery Plan (SDP) programme update


19.1     The Board considered an update report on the East Sussex Shared Delivery Plan (SDP), which was introduced by Vicky Smith, Programme Director, East Sussex Health and Social Care Transformation. The report highlights the opportunities to build on the progress so far on integrated care and wellbeing in East Sussex. The report also summarises the scope of the work being undertaken and the development of Integrated Community Teams (ICTs).


19.2     Jessica Britton, Executive Managing Director East Sussex, NHS Sussex commented that a lot of the work on the SDP around the eight work streams is about the integration of teams who work with our communities and is a common thread throughout all the work. There is also a specific action to form networks in communities to tackle social isolation, which supports the work outlined in the Director of Public Health’s Annual Report, particularly the recommendations around stewardship, strategy and policy. This will support a greater level connectivity within our communities and help tackle the impact of social isolation on wellbeing.


19.3     Mark Stainton outlined that there is a different format and style to the regular update which reflects the change in approach and that there is now an agreed SDP. The report sets out the agreed boundaries for the Integrated Community Teams, the integrated locality teams and the target operating model for the delivery of the Integrated Care Strategy. The Community Oversight Board in East Sussex will be the key driving force behind the delivery of the ICTs and will include representation from District and Borough Councils, the VCSE Alliance and other organisations as outlined in the governance arrangements. This is the first of the new style of reports and the next report will outline the further progress being made to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for people in East Sussex.


19.4     The Board asked about the SDP milestone for the Children and Young People’s programme plan (SDP milestone ES 5) as residents often raise issues about CAMHS and mental health services. The Board also asked for an update on the integration of budgets and how this is progressing so that they are as well integrated as possible.


19.5     Vicky Smith responded that there are a number of arrangements in place for integrated budgets such as the Better Care Fund and Section 75 arrangements which are reported to the HWB for approval. Currently, refreshed guidance on the Section 75 pooling of budgets is awaited across health and social care. It is anticipated that the guidance will set out expectations for the Integrated Care System in the future for the services that are in scope for pooling and aligning of budgets. There are also discussions being held by the Oversight Board about the delegation and aligning of budgets for services in scope at place level.


19.6     Mark Stainton added that there is £70 million in the Better Care Fund and we are awaiting guidance on the alignment of funding. However, the integration of budgets is more about how we spend the money together for the best effect. For example, it was agreed to deploy the money received for winter pressures as a system, in order to decide how best to spend the money to support services through the winter.


19.7     The Board commented that it would be interested to see how the integration of health and care across East Sussex progresses and what opportunity there would be to share or transfer learning across other areas of activity. Vicky Smith outlined that it will be possible to share learning from the Integrated Community Teams (ICTs) across Sussex through the pan Sussex ICT Delivery Board. There will be the opportunity for the cross fertilisation of ideas at Sussex and place level. Mark Stainton echoed this and added that work will include agreeing a core set of activities for all sixteen ICTs across Sussex, but there will be an opportunity for variation at place and community level to reflect the different needs of the local population.


19.8     The Board RESOLVED to:

1) Note the content of the progress report and the proposed footprints to support the development of Integrated Community Teams (ICT) in East Sussex, as described in paragraphs 2.9 – 2.12 of the report and set out in Appendix 4, and endorse their use to enable proof of concept activities to be progressed, and;

2) Note that proposals are being explored for a strengthened East Sussex ‘Health, Care and Wellbeing Partnership’ to reflect the broader role and involvement of Borough and District Councils, and this will be brought to a future meeting of the HWB.



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