Agenda item

Council Monitoring: Quarter 2 2023/2024

Report by the Chief Executive.


30.1     The Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Executive.

30.2     It was RESOLVED to:

          1) Note the latest monitoring position for the Council;


2) Approve a further and final annual extension of the Additional Measures Scheme for specialist money advice services through 2024/25, funded from the Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) with a total value of £363,000, as set out in Appendix 9 of the report; and

3) Approve the use of the unused carried forward Contain Outbreak Management Fund (COMF) underspend in 2023/24 to fund any residual pressures in Children’s Services arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, as set out in the Funding of Children’s Services Pressures table at 3.1 of the report.


30.3     The report sets out the Council’s position and year-end projections for the Council Plan targets, Revenue Budget, Capital Programme, and Savings Plan, together with Risks at the end of September 2023.


Supporting documents: