Issue - decisions

Enlargement of Polegate School - Final decision

22/03/2018 - Proposed expansion of Polegate School

23.1     The Lead Member for Education and Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disability considered a report by the Director of Children’s Services about the proposed expansion of Polegate School.


23.2     The Lead Member RESOLVED to approve the expansion of Polegate School from 420 places to 630 places effective from 1 September 2019, contingent upon:

(a) by 28 February 2018 the Lead Member determining an increase to the School’s Published Admission Number (PAN) from 60 to 90 effective from 1 September 2019; and


(b) planning permission for the enlargement of the premises being granted under Part 3 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.




23.3     The County Council has a statutory duty to ensure there are sufficient school places to meet demand.  The expansion of Polegate School will create additional capacity to serve the new housing developments in the area.  The majority of respondents to the consultation support the proposal to expand.   Concerns raised relate largely to traffic and parking, loss of playing field and facilities and the requirement to enlarge the school hall.  These issues will be addressed through the detailed design process undertaken as part of the planning permission process.