Issue - decisions

Update on East Sussex Road Safety Programme

22/10/2018 - East Sussex County Council Road Safety Programme update

34.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport, together with further details of the planned projects and road safety infrastructure work, contained in Appendices 2 to 5 tabled at the meeting.  The additional appendices are contained in the Minute Book.




34.2     The Lead Member RESOLVED to endorse the latest developments in the East Sussex County Council Road Safety Programme and the plans for the next steps.




34.3   The work being undertaken in the Programme aims to take a multifaceted and evidence based approach to improving road safety with the aim of reducing KSIs.  As evidence indicates the vast majority of KSIs result from driver carelessness or error, specific measures are required to address these issues.  The Programme will develop a range of behaviour change initiatives to provide targeted interventions to reduce KSIs within the identified priority groups. 


34.4     These behaviour change initiatives will be developed alongside work to improve road safety through targeted infrastructure and speed management schemes.