Issue - decisions

Polegate High Street Movement and Access Improvements and 20mph scheme

12/04/2022 - Polegate High Street Movement and Access Improvements and 20mph scheme

65.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport.




65.2       The Lead Member RESOLVED to:

(1) Note the results of the public consultation on the movement and access improvements along Polegate High Street, including the introduction of a 20mph speed limit, bus stop and footway improvements; and


(2) Agree that the scheme is taken forward to detailed design and construction as part of the 2022/23 Capital Programme for Local Transport Improvements, subject to any delivery risks and delays arising from the current COVID-19 pandemic.




65.3     Despite the low response rate, the results of the public consultation show that there is overall support for the implementation of the Polegate High Street Movement and Access improvements and 20mph speed limit scheme.


65.4     The footway improvements will benefit pedestrians, particularly those with visual impairments, and the lower speed limit of 20mph will result in a safer environment for pedestrians, particularly when crossing side roads, cyclists and general traffic, reflecting the recent changes in hierarchy and priority in the Highway Code. Improvements to cycling provision at the northern end of the High Street will help encourage greater use of cycling and connectivity onto existing routes in the town, whilst the interactive signage at the two bus stops will meet some of the mobility hub requirements detailed in our Bus Service Improvement Plan, and aid members of the public in their choice of travel.


65.5     The proposals will assist the County Council in meeting the objectives set out to achieve carbon neutrality from its activities as soon as possible and in any event by 2050.