Issue - decisions

Petition Make Eastbourne's Compton Place Road safe for schoolchildren

24/10/2022 - Petition: Make Compton Place Road safe for school children

25.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport


25.2     Ms Katherine Bruce, the Lead Petitioner for the petition calling on the County Council to Make Compton Place Road safe for schoolchildren spoke to highlight safety concerns relating to narrow and sloping pedestrian footways on Compton Place Road. The Lead Petitioner read a statement from the Head Teacher of Gildredge House School which resides on Compton Place Road.




25.3     The Lead Member RESOLVED to advise the petitioners that:


(1) Pedestrian Guard Railing cannot be installed in the footway between Vicarage Road and Beechwood Crescent as it is not appropriate in these circumstances;


(2) A potential road safety improvement scheme for Compton Place Road has been assessed through our approved High Level Sift process and is not a priority for the County Council at the present time; and


(3) Petitioners may wish to consider taking a potential scheme forward through Community Match. A Feasibility Study (at a cost of £500) and speed data (at a cost of £422 per site) would be required prior to a Community Match application.




25.4     Compton Place Road has been assessed for a variety of improvements several times over the last 7 years and the progression of road safety improvements in the vicinity of Gildredge House School is not presently a priority for funding from the County Council’s budget.


25.5     Appropriate improvements could be considered should an alternative source of income become available or an application through Community Match is successful.