Issue - decisions

Heathfield Leisure Centre Public Consultation Outcome

20/09/2022 - Heathfield Leisure Centre, Heathfield

33.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Chief Operating Officer together with exempt information contained in a later agenda item.




33.2     The Lead Member RESOLVED to


(1) Note the findings of the public consultation on the future community leisure provision at Heathfield Leisure Centre that took place between 28 June 2022 and 9 August 2022.


(2) Approve to cease provision of non-college community use of the leisure facilities at Heathfield Leisure Centre from 17 October 2022.


(3) Approve the Council working with the College to ensure a smooth transition to exclusive college curriculum use of the leisure facilities.


(4) Delegate authority to the Chief Operating Officer in consultation with the Assistant Chief Executive to carry out all actions necessary to give effect to the recommendations in this report.




33.3     In reaching a decision on the future of non-college community use of the leisure centre at Heathfield, the Lead Member carefully considered the consultation feedback; the equality implications set out in the Equality Impact Assessment as well as the wider financial implications.


33.4     The consultation responses provided a number of suggestions relating to changes to the operating model; however, none of these offered a financially sustainable model for continued non-college community use. Even with the proposed changes, significant financial resources would be required to maintain non-college community use of the Centre.