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Notice of Motion: No to Fracking

21/11/2022 - Notice of Motion: No to Fracking

39.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport.




39.2     The Lead Member RESOLVED to recommend that the County Council approve an amended motion as set out below:


The County Council recognises the significant public concerns over any initiatives to develop fracking, or other methods, for the extraction of shale oil or gas in East Sussex. The County Council, therefore, supports the Government’s recent announcement that reinstates the moratorium on fracking.




39.3     East Sussex County Council has made a clear commitment through its Climate Emergency Action Plan to achieve net zero carbon emissions from its own operations, as well as helping to facilitate the county in general to move towards this target. The further use of fossil fuels is clearly at odds with this target, particularly at a time when there should be a greater move towards renewable and low carbon energy supplies in order to ensure that local, national and international climate change targets and obligations can be met. In light of this, and also recognising that significant concerns remain over the impacts arising from fracking, not least from the general public, the reimposition of the moratorium on fracking is something to be welcomed.