Issue - decisions

RPPR - Update on Comprehensive Spending Review

17/12/2015 - Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources - Spending Review and Autumn Statement

30.1ReportsaThe Cabinet considered a report by the Chief Executive


30.2     It was RESOLVED to:


1)             note that there is no change to the Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) resulting from current announcements;


2)            note the uncertainty that will remain until the Local Government settlement announcement; and


3)            agree that more detailed work is carried out to develop the detailed draft plan for 2016/17 and the following two years




30.3  A number of the announcements will be subject to further Government announcements and consultation and consideration. The Comprehensive Spending Review has confirmed a significant change not just to the way local government is financed but to the services for which it is responsible at a strategic level. The effect of this on the County Council will be felt immediately in 2016/17, but the longer term future will only become clearer over the course of the next year. In January 2016 Cabinet will receive the outcome of all the consultation and the impact of the provisional settlement on the MTFP. Cabinet will then make recommendations for Full Council to consider in February.