Issue - decisions

Proposal to reconsider ESCC co-sponsorship role in Eastbourne Academy

01/12/2016 - East Sussex County Council's (ESCC) Co-sponsorship role in The Eastbourne Academy Trust

21.1     The Lead Member for Learning and School Effectiveness considered a report by the Director of Children’s Services which sought approval for East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to withdraw as co-sponsor for the Eastbourne Academy Trust.


21.2     RESOLVED to approve ESCC’s withdrawal as co-sponsor for the Eastbourne Academy Trust and to agree to take the necessary steps to effect that withdrawal at the earliest opportunity on the appointment of a new sponsor.




21.3     The policy context has changed significantly since ESCC took the decision to act as a co-sponsor. At the time The Eastbourne Academy (TEA) was established, acting as co-sponsor provided a mechanism to maintain close links with TEA. Now that the policy context has been clarified, acting as co-sponsor presents a number of challenges. For example, acting as co-sponsor for some academies and not for others creates an unequitable relationship between ESCC and its academy schools. This compromises ESCC’s responsibility to champion educational excellence across all schools.