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Petition for a review of speed limits for the village of Dallington

04/10/2016 - Petition for a review of speed limits for the village of Dallington

14.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport.  The Lead Member reported that he had received correspondence from the Headteacher at Dallington Primary School offering to contribute to a speed survey. 




14.2     RESOLVED to (1)       Advise the petitioners that measures to reduce the speed of traffic in Dallington are not a priority for the County Council at the present time: however, the Road Safety Team will look at part of the B2096 at Carrick’s Hill and South Lane to see whether any safety improvements or maintenance on this part of the road would be appropriate; and


(2)        advise that Dallington Parish Council may wish to consider funding a 20mph speed limit outside Dallington C of E Primary School, village gateways or a new footway through the Community Match Fund. 




14.3     A review of the speed limits in Dallington is not a priority for the Road Safety Team at the present time.  However, the B2096 Battle Road is on the list of lower speed limit requests so its safety record will be monitored in the future as part of the speed management programme.  If the safety record is identified as a priority compared to other locations in the County, a more detailed assessment of the B2096 can be carried out with the Police.