Issue - decisions

Orbis Joint Committee Budget Monitoring Report

08/08/2016 - May Budget Monitoring

Declarations of interests:






Kevin Foster, Chief Operating Officer, East Sussex County Council

John Stebbings, Chief Property Officer, Surrey County Council


Key points raised during the discussion:


1.   Attention was drawn to Table 1 on page 42 of the agenda, the Committee indicated that there appeared to be an underspend in expenditure on staffing which appeared to result in a significant saving to Orbis. The Chief Operating Officer advised Members that there was a discrepancy in when costs hit the ledger and that by the end of the year the amount of savings made through reduced expenditure on staff would not be as significant as that suggested in the report.


Actions/ further information to be provided:





The Orbis Joint Committee:

i.    note the forecast zero budget variance at year end on both the joint operating budget and investment fund; and


ii.   note that Orbis forecast to achieve £1.2m efficiencies by year end.