Issue - decisions

ESCC parking standards at residential developments 2017 update

18/10/2017 - Guidance for parking at new residential developments

24.1     The Lead Member considered a report by the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport. 




24.2     The Lead Member RESOLVED to approve the use of the revised “Guidance for Parking at New Residential Development” ass a policy document of the Highway Authority in the assessment of car parking provision at new residential development proposals in East Sussex.   




24.3     Assessing car and cycle parking provision for new residential development is one key aspect of assessing planning applications.  This guidance document has been developed based on the most up-to-date East Sussex specific car ownership ward data available to reflect the different characteristics that occur at district level.  The calculation tool has been designed to offer developers a user friendly method to ascertain the optimum car/cycle parking provision whilst not compromising road safety for all users.