Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Internal Audit Strategy and Plan 2024/2505/04/2024For Determination16/04/2024
West Rise Community Infant School and West Rise Junior School28/03/2024For Determination04/07/2024
ESCC External Audit Plan 2023/2428/03/2024For Determination16/04/2024
Record of Delegation of Executive Functions28/03/2024For Determination03/05/2024
Small school policy approval28/03/2024For Determination30/04/2024
Petition: For East Sussex County Council to agree to proceed without further delay to proceed with our simple and affordable 20mph safety scheme, which requires just the change of signage28/03/2024For Determination10/06/2024
Petition: Make 20mph a default on our residential streets (Hastings and St Leonards)28/03/2024For Determination22/05/2024
Household Support Fund Round 5 Extension28/03/2024For Determination30/04/2024
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act ('RIPA') and Investigative Powers Act ('IPA') update28/03/2024For Determination03/05/2024
Land known as Site 6, Easter Island Place, Eastbourne28/03/2024For Determination21/05/2024
117 South Coast Road, Peacehaven - Disposal of Freehold28/03/2024For Determination21/05/2024
Proposed update to the East Sussex Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP)28/03/2024For Determination10/06/2024
Registration - Statutory Fee Changes28/03/2024For Determination22/05/2024
Post-16 Transport Policy Statement 2024-202529/02/2024For Determination09/05/2024
East Sussex, Brighton & Hove and the South Downs NPA Waste and Minerals Plan Review11/03/2024For Determination04/06/2024
Council Monitoring: Quarter 4 2023/24 - Year end29/02/2024For Determination25/06/2024
Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources (RPPR) - State of the County29/02/2024For Determination25/06/2024
SuDS in Schools: procurement of services and materials to fit Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to seven schools in the Eastbourne/Southern Wealden area31/01/2024For Determination06/2024
High Weald Management Plan 2024-202931/01/2024For Determination22/05/2024
A new 10- year Partnership Joint Use Agreement for community and curriculum use related to Lewes Athletic Track31/01/2024Item Deferred16/04/2024
A new 4- year Partnership Joint Use Agreement for community and curriculum use related to Battle Area Sports Centre.31/01/2024Item Deferred16/04/2024
Household Support Fund Round 531/01/2024Item Deferred25/04/2024
East Sussex Energy, Infrastructure and Development Limited: Proposed changes to the Articles of Association25/01/2024Item Deferred03/05/2024
Allowed for extension to the Services Agreement for the Provision of Tipping Points handling of dry mixed recyclables31/10/2023Item Deferred04/2024
Award a main contractor for The Joff Youth Hub, Peacehaven29/09/2023Item Deferred04/2024
Award a main contractor for the Heathfield Youth Hub29/09/2023Item Deferred04/2024
Response to Defra consultations on implementing Schedule 3 of the Flood and Water Management Act 201031/08/2023Item Deferred22/05/2024
To approve the granting of a new Lease to the Trustees of the West Hills & District Community Centre30/11/2022Item Deferred25/06/2024