Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Bus Stop Clearway proposals in Hastings01/12/2020For Determination18/01/2021
Council Monitoring: Quarter 3 2020/2101/12/2020For Determination02/03/2021
Proposed re-designation of Special Educational Needs (SEN) facility at Wallands Community Primary School.01/12/2020For Determination22/02/2021
Scrutiny Review of Becoming a Carbon Neutral Council01/12/2020For Determination26/01/2021
Conservators of Ashdown Forest Budget 2021/2203/11/2020For Determination26/01/2021
Treasury Management Strategy 2021/2203/11/2020For Determination26/01/2021
East Sussex Economy Recovery Plan (ERP)02/11/2020For Determination08/12/2020
Delegation of powers to declare a Local Nature Reserve - Ninfield02/11/2020For Determination18/01/2021
Looked After Children Annual Report 2019-2002/11/2020For Determination08/12/2020
Admission arrangements for Community and Controlled schools in East Sussex 2022-23- determination02/11/2020For Determination22/02/2021
To approve the DSG Budget for 2021/22.02/11/2020For Determination18/01/2021
To Approve the ESCC Funding Formula for 2021/2202/11/2020For Determination17/12/2020
Treasury Management Annual Report 2019/20 and mid-year report 2020/2103/11/2020For Determination08/12/2020
Highways Contract Re-Procurement Project01/10/2020For Determination26/01/2021
Reconciling Policy, Performance and Resources (RPPR) 2021/22: Draft Council Plan01/10/2020For Determination26/01/2021
Council Monitoring: Quarter 2 2020/2101/09/2020For Determination08/12/2020
Local Growth Fund, Growing Places Fund and Getting Building Fund financial statement - confirmed spend for 2019/20 and forecast for 2020/2128/02/2020For Determination15/12/2020