Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
London Road, Bexhill - Town Hall Square Public Realm Proposals30/09/2022For Determination21/11/2022
Bexhill-on-Sea Cycling and Pedestrian Route (A) Collington to Worsham30/09/2022For Determination21/11/2022
Award of Contract for internal refurbishment of office accommodation at Muriel Matters House and Cavendish House, Hastings30/09/2022For Determination11/2022
Corporate Climate Emergency Plan30/09/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Treasury Management Strategy 2023/2430/09/2022For Determination24/01/2023
Retender of the commissioned telecare service27/09/2022For Determination31/10/2022
Rural Verges as Wildlife Corridors - Trial of Early Season Reduction in Rural Grass Cutting21/09/2022For Determination19/12/2022
East Sussex County Council's Alternative Weed Maintenance Techniques Trials 202221/09/2022For Determination19/12/2022
Community Match Schemes 2022/2321/09/2022For Determination21/11/2022
Getting Building Fund - Grant Agreements21/09/2022For Determination23/11/2022
East Sussex Enhanced Partnership Plan and Scheme21/09/2022For Determination21/11/2022
Orbis Environmentally Sustainable Procurement Policy21/09/2022For Determination11/10/2022
To approve an acquisition of freehold property under Blight Notice served under the Town and Country Planning Act 199021/09/2022For Determination08/11/2022
Provision of support for the Coroner's Service for the East Sussex Area12/09/2022For Determination11/10/2022
Ersham Road/South Road/Diplocks Way roundabout - consultation outcomes and next steps31/08/2022For Determination24/10/2022
Petition for pedestrian crossing outside Cavendish School - Eldon Road, Eastbourne31/08/2022For Determination24/10/2022
To Declare Surplus and Dispose of Beacon Gate and The Gables31/08/2022For Determination11/10/2022
Disposal of Freehold land at Southview Close Crowborough31/08/2022For Determination11/10/2022
Declare surplus and dispose of freehold land and buildings at former Etchingham Primary School, Etchingham31/08/2022For Determination08/11/2022
Treasury Management Stewardship 2021/2221/09/2022For Determination13/12/2022
Treasury Management Annual Report 2021/22 and mid-year report 2022/2321/09/2022For Determination13/12/2022
East Sussex County Council Household Waste Recycling Sites - waste acceptance policy relating to use of vans and cash payments for non-household waste11/08/2022For Determination21/11/2022
Petition to urgently improve safety measures at the junction of the A267 with the B2102 at Cross in Hand11/08/2022For Determination21/11/2022
Contract Extension29/07/2022For Determination10/2022
Gatwick Airport Development Consent Order for the Northern Runway Proposal11/08/2022For Determination08/11/2022
Ringmer Swimming Pool - outcome of the Public Consultation29/07/2022For Determination08/11/2022
Retender of the Youth Employability Service contract (Advice and Guidance)29/07/2022For Determination28/11/2022
Annual Report of Looked After Children's Services29/07/2022For Determination08/11/2022
East Sussex School Organisation Plan 2022-202630/06/2022For Determination17/10/2022
Petition Make Eastbourne's Compton Place Road safe for schoolchildren31/05/2022For Determination24/10/2022
LEP Funded Capital Programme Financial Statement - Confirmed Spend for 2021/22 and Forecast for 2022/2331/05/2022For Determination23/11/2022
Conservators of Ashdown Forest - Medium Term Finanicial Plan31/05/2022For Determination08/11/2022