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Improvements to A259 Bishopstone Junction

We the undersigned petition the council to We are calling on East Sussex County Council, to make significant safety improvements to the A259 Bishopstone junction. Many Residents would have had a letter or a flyer from MP Maria Caufield saying that improvements would be coming in the New Year to the junction, but following a question asked at ESCC Full Council on 1st December 2020, ESCC made it clear that no improvements were coming any time soon. Given the high number of serious crashes here and the often serious nature of them, we need urgent action in the immediate future not 12/24 months down the line if some money was to come to light. We want to see East Sussex County Council committed to improving the A259 Bishopstone Junction.

Following on From our Safety Road campaign and the Newhaven Junction with the A26 and Avis Road, we want to see significant improvements to our County Roads and those that we know cause a significant amount of Safety concerns, the A259 at Bishopstone junction is a major cause for concern for many people, and is a regular spot where crashes often at high speed happen, we can’t continue to ignore the issues that this road raises and we need to see important safety measures implemented quickly.
We don’t want promises that appear to have no foundation from our MP, so we are calling on County Council to make a commitment to implementing safety measures at this location.
This road is a major connection route when something happens here it has a huge effect on the surrounding roads back to Eastbourne, Lewes, and Peacehaven, it creates gridlock when accidents happen here also, so improving the safety will improve the flow of traffic through the area.

So East Sussex County Council please listen to residents and implement fast safety improvements.

This ePetition runs from 02/12/2020 to 07/05/2021.

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