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Damaged section of road on Whitley Road, Eastbourne

We the undersigned petition the council to carry out proper and lasting repairs to the damaged section of Whitley Road, Eastbourne outside number 117.

Approaching 3 years ago a section of road crossing the entire width of Whitley Road was dug up to repair a water main. The repair at the time was to a very poor standard and, as a result, the section of road is in very poor condition. For well over 2 years the council has been carrying out occasional, temporary repairs. The road is in such poor condition that when any large vehicle passes the properties around the area shake violently. Many of the residents are concerned about the longterm structural effects this will have on their properties. We the undersigned hereby request that proper repairs are carried out immediately to alleviate this problem.

This ePetition runs from 22/04/2021 to 03/06/2021.

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