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Kingsley Road, Lewes Road needs resurfacing

We the undersigned petition the council to properly address the damaged road surface and pot holes on Kingsley Road by resurfacing the affected areas of the road and ensuring a long lasting repair.

Kingsley Road is the only entrance and exit for vehicles to enter and leave the Landport Estate, Lewes.

The damage to Kingsley Road's road surface is extensive. There are deep gullies and pot holes (deeper than 5 cm, wider than 20cm).

Repairs already made are short lived, breaking apart within days to leave substantial chunks of tarmac strewed across the road.

This debris, along with deep pot holes and gullies are dangerous, as they cause drivers to swerve across the road into the opposite flow of traffic.

For the same reasons, cyclists are also at risk of coming off their bike.

The pot holes have cause damage to several resident's cars - including my own (rear suspension spring snapped on the driver's side!).

Emergency repairs are not suitable as they are short lived and add to the ongoing problem.

This ePetition runs from 02/03/2022 to 02/03/2023.

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