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The Future of the Isabel Blackman Centre Hastings

We the undersigned petition the council to Note that the Isabel Blackman Centre is a unique and historic asset which was created largely by charitable donations to serve local people. Those who gave to create this resource did so because of a desire to serve local people, particularly the most vulnerable. The building is currently empty, boarded up and its future is uncertain. This petition calls upon East Sussex County Council to:- Recognise the unique history of the building and its importance to the people of Hastings. Actively participate in constructive discussions with local Voluntary and Community Organisations to facilitate the transfer of the building to create a resource for older people and the wider community. Should this not prove possible, to ensure that any capital receipt arising from the disposal of Isabel Blackman Centre is “ring-fenced” to benefit older people within the Borough of Hastings and within the ethos of the gifts and donations which created the asset.

The Isabel Blackman Centre has served the local community for many years. It is an asset which was generated through local community action and generosity. As the custodian of the building ESCC must act to ensure that it continues to meet community need, or any assets arising from its sale be deployed in a manner which is in accord with the wishes of its benefactors/donors

This ePetition ran from 29/08/2019 to 10/10/2019 and has now finished.

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