Committee details

Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE)

Purpose of committee

Since 1988 local authorities have had a duty to establish a Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE). Religious education is a statutory part of the basic curriculum for all pupils, but it is not a National Curriculum subject. Instead it is a local responsibility of the Children's Services Authority (CSA) through its SACRE.

The SACRE advises the CSA on matters relating to collective worship in community schools and on religious education given in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus. The SACRE monitors the effectiveness and appropriateness of the agreed syllabus, which is formally reviewed every five years.

Schools can visit the SACRE Czone page to find out more information.

The terms of reference of this committee can be found in Part 3 Table 5 of the Council’s Constitution.


Contact information

Support officer: Julie Stevens. Support Officer to Directors and Members

Postal address:
Children's Services, County Hall
St Anne's Crescent
East Sussex

Phone: 01273 336672