Councillor Colin Belsey

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Party: Conservative

Division: Eastbourne - Ratton

Contact information

Home address: 
203 Kings Drive
East Sussex
BN21 2UJ

Mobile:  07846 235237


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Committee appointments

Term of Office

  • 06/09/2009 -

Additional Information

My politics


The best thing about politics is the team spirit it creates along with feeling it gives you when you achieve.

In the next four years I would like to see that services are maintained to the high standards they are at the moment in the County and an agreement to dual the A27 from Lewes to Polegate.

I would like more jobs and facilities for young people, there is a section of society that will feel left and unwanted unless we (the nation) do something.

We need to continue to work with police on crime, set up more No Cold Calling Zones, and generally look to improve East Sussex.


More about me


I was first elected to represent the people of Ratton ward in Eastbourne in June 2009. I have been an Eastbourne Borough Councillor for some years where I also represented Ratton ward.

But how did I get here?

I moved to Eastbourne some years ago, I continued to work in Fleet Street, London and I commuted for the next 26 years.

I first joined the Young Conservatives when I arrived in Eastbourne. There were over 150 members, and I have to say we had a lot of fun.

I have always enjoyed helping others and putting something back into society, I have stood for office over the years and feel privileged to represent the people of Ratton on the County Council.

My community

Ratton is a mixed ward with two very large sections of bungalows, two areas of social housing and the rest being large detached or semi detached homes.

The main problems are speeding on the A2070 (Willingdon Road) and Parking on the Rodmill Estate due to the Hospital charging for its staff to park. Crime is always a problem, but the neighbourhood panels are an excellent way to feed back information.

I love East Sussex as a county and believe it is a hidden gem. Ratton is where I live and I enjoy serving the residents. The hardest thing is when you come up against brick walls.

Along with my fellow borough councillors, we have just established a No Cold Calling Zone for the whole of the Rodmill area. No Cold Calling Zones give a sense of community to the older members of the community, and they work!

My home life

I married Terri in 2008 and between us we share five children and nine grandchildren, I am delighted to say they all get on well together.

I worked in Fleet Street and on the Isle of Dogs for the Daily Express for 35 years until I was made redundant. I then worked for my Church for 6 years and also for Nigel Waterson, our past MP. Both of these roles were part time.

My tips for balancing your home life and being a councillor are to know your local flower shop and know when to say sorry. My wife works for Kings Church in Eastbourne, so keeping diaries up to date is essential.

My spare time

Is there time for anything else? I believe that you must make special family time.

I am looking forward to going sea fishing again, as a friend has now got a boat at Sovereign Harbour.

Terri and I enjoy theatre and shows and Eastbourne is a good place for that.

I am a committed Christian and have attended Kings Church, Eastbourne since 1993. I enjoy taking part in Church activities and always look forward to the Christmas event.