Committee details

People Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Committee’s future work programme for the months ahead is available to view online as a standing agenda item considered at each meeting.

This scrutiny committee looks at the following areas of work within the Council:

Children’s Social Care:

·         Commissioning and delivery of social care services for children and young people

·         Health services (exercised by the County Council)

·         Safeguarding vulnerable children and young people

·         Looked after children

·         Youth development services

·         Youth offending services


·         Early years, childcare and extended schools services

·         Learning and school effectiveness

·         Inclusion support services

·         Adult education

·         Special Education Needs

·         School admissions and school transport

·         School organisation and place planning

·         Skills (Education)

Adult Social Care:

·         Commissioning and delivery of social care services for adults and older people

·         Support for carers

·         Universal preventative and ‘signposting’ services related to social care for adults and older people

·         Safeguarding vulnerable adults

·         Public Health

·         Community Safety including the work of the East Sussex Safer Communities Steering Group

·         Crime and disorder matters (Police and Justice Act 2006)

The terms of reference of this committee can be found in the Council’s Constitution.




Contact information

Support officer: Rachel Sweeney. Senior Policy and Scrutiny Adviser

Phone: 07561 267461