Committee details

People Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

In light of Government advice related to coronavirus, public committee meetings (including Lead Member meetings) will be held remotely until further notice.  

Please contact Democratic Services if any further information is required regarding forthcoming meetings of this committee.


The People Scrutiny Committee’s upcoming work is set out in its work programme.


Before May 2018 the areas of work listed below were looked at by the following scrutiny committees:

Adult Social Care and Community Safety Scrutiny Committee

Audit, Best Value and Community Services Scrutiny Committee

Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee


This scrutiny committee looks at the following areas of work within the Council:

Children’s Social Care:

·         Commissioning and delivery of social care services for children and young people

·         Health services (exercised by the County Council)

·         Safeguarding vulnerable children and young people

·         Looked after children

·         Youth development services

·         Youth offending services


·         Early years, childcare and extended schools services

·         Learning and school effectiveness

·         Inclusion support services

·         Adult education

·         Special Education Needs

·         School admissions and school transport

·         School organisation and place planning

·         Skills (Education)

Adult Social Care:

·         Commissioning and delivery of social care services for adults and older people

·         Support for carers

·         Universal preventative and ‘signposting’ services related to social care for adults and older people

·         Safeguarding vulnerable adults

·         Public Health

·         Community Safety including the work of the East Sussex Safer Communities Steering Group

·         Crime and disorder matters (Police and Justice Act 2006)


The terms of reference of this committee can be found in the Council’s Constitution.




Contact information

Support officer: Stuart McKeown, Senior Democratic Services Adviser. 01273 481583