Committee details

Audit, Best Value and Community Services Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Please note that this Committee has been placed by the Audit Committee, People Scrutiny Committee and the Place Scrutiny Committee.


This committee has a dual function. It is both the Council's audit committee and a scrutiny committee.


This committee scrutinises functions that fall within business services, community services, public health and SMED (strategic management and economic development).


It also scrutinises functions that don't fall under any other scrutiny committee, as well as any best value review projects agreed by Cabinet and Full Council.


The functions this committee covers include:


Audit role:

  • Provide independent scrutiny on all audit matters;
  • Consider the effectiveness of the Council's risk management, internal control and corporate governance arrangements
  • Consider internal & external audit assurance over Council's risk management, internal control and governance arrangements;
  • Review and scrutinise management arrangements for ensuring probity and regulatory compliance, e.g., financial regulations;
  • Consider major internal and external audit findings;
  • Review assurance statements;
  • Review internal and external audit annual plans and monitor the performance of both functions;
  • Review annual statement of accounts and external auditor's report.


Scrutiny role:


Scrutiny of business services:

  • financial management
  • property asset management
  • risk management
  • corporate procurement
  • internal audit
  • ICT
  • personnel and training
  • legal and democratic services
  • strategic partnerships


Scrutiny of community services

  • archives and records
  • coroner services
  • libraries
  • registration
  • culture
  • voluntary sector


Scrutiny of public health

  • health improvement and reducing health inequalities
  • public health development
  • specialist public health input into commissioning
  • public health intelligence and surveillance
  • health protection
  • public health professional development


Scrutiny of strategic management and economic development

  • communications
  • economic development, Local Economic Partnership (LEP) and adult skills
  • policy and performance
  • equalities


The terms of reference of this committee can be found in the Council’s Constitution.


Contact information

Support officer: Simon Bailey. Democratic Services Officer

Phone: 01273 481935