Committee details

Place Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

The Committee’s future work programme for the months ahead is available to view online as a standing agenda item considered at each meeting.

This Place Scrutiny Committee looks at the following areas of work within the Council:

Transport and Environment:

·         Planning and development control

·         Transport and highways (including Transport for the South East)

·         Environment

·         Waste and minerals

·         Rights of way and countryside management

·         Flood and coastal erosion risk management

Economic Development and Regeneration:

·         Economic development, skills and infrastructure

·         Culture (including LEP)

Community Services:

·         Archives, records and libraries

·         Customer Services

·         Emergency Planning

·         Gypsies and travellers

·         Registration Service

·         Road safety

·         Trading Standards

Corporate functions:

·         Financial Management

·         Property asset management

·         Procurement

·         IT & Digital

·         Personnel and Training

·         Procurement

·         Legal Services

·         Communications

·         Member Services / Democratic Services

·         Policy and Performance

·         Equalities

·         Coroner Services

·         Voluntary sector

The terms of reference of this Committee can be found in the Council’s Constitution.




Contact information

Support officer: Martin Jenks. Senior Scrutiny Adviser

Phone: 01273 481327